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  1. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Managed to hit a dead Badger in the road at erm slightly over national speed limit and ripped the exhaust off the middle silencer unfortunatly the silencer doesnt split past the cat so a whole new section plus cat will have to be sourced, on the plus side the front splitter survived the impact intact..
  2. Trebor4460

    Does anyone else get MOT nerves?

    Same here... sweaty palms ..she passed her 6th in a row last Fri , and I also do all the sevicing and work on her myself but yep.. nervous till its in there
  3. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Ditched my Deep Dish steering wheel for the oem one as the mot is due soon and need the airbag back on
  4. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    took the k&nTyphoon filter off and fitted the standard box ready for a k&n panel filter and removed the flapper valve.
  5. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Finally sorted out the hatch with a new set of struts after 4 years of ownership... how nice does that hatch feel now when opening.. and if you are doing this job a heat gun for the locktight on the ball joint pin is a must, ...
  6. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    gear shift gator fitted today, not bad at all, bit long for the shorty shaft but im happy.
  7. Trebor4460

    what have you done to your celica today...

    Front wheel bearing changed on both sides, 140000 mls so not bad on originals, and at 180 quid inclusive, not a bad price too .
  8. Trebor4460

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    yep the dude said he should have filed it last year but forgot about the new regs ..said he knows i will just bang the Kode back on so if i just bring my airbag n wheel with me next year he will turn a blind eye
  9. Trebor4460

    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    I fitted a Kode deep dish on mine but bear in mind its an mot fail if you have tampered or removed the airbag, regardless of if the light goes out or not
  10. Happy 5 Anniversary Trebor4460!

  11. Trebor4460

    Another year and another straight MOT pass

    Good news, same here, shes never failed a MOT
  12. Happy 4 Anniversary Trebor4460!

  13. Trebor4460

    suede steering wheel

    im on a modified car policy with Adrian Flux and they have been fine with all other mods and the wheel change has been declared and they aint objected....yet
  14. Trebor4460

    suede steering wheel

    you just need to convince the system that the airbag is still there even though you take it off.. its easily done by putting an appropriate resistor in there, this will mimic the resistance the airbag would normally produce when a check is done when you first start up, and hence the light will go out. a resistor is the better method than taking the bulb out as when mot time comes the airbag light has to light then go out to pass the test. heres a vid i made on my channel explaining the process. http://youtu.be/abZqHPzObf0?list=UU4LUIUJ-hL7tZP6p5WWjxjw heres a night pic of my Kode wheel, and as others have said if feels real good in the hand, yes you do, in fact nowdays,any change at all you are best telling them, imo if you are modding it is always best to insure with a specialist insurer, its cheaper with them than you think.
  15. Trebor4460

    suede steering wheel

    Horn will basically sound if the wire from the original horn connector, is ground ..earthed on car body... Take a wire from the connector and make permanent contact with the disc at the rear of the after market boss via a home rigged paper clip which has been connected to the one wire. Once this is done there is a wire in the aftermarket hub, your one wire, with a connector on it that connects to the wheels horn, just plug it onto one of the two connectors at the back of the horn.. You now have basically a circuit from the original horn connector to the horn switch, even when the wheel is rotated, so when pressing the horn switch it completes the circuit, and horn sounds.. In effect just as if you were grounding the original connector wire .