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Welcome To Our Knowledgebase.

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a central location for articles on modifications, maintenance, audio, engines, and anything else connected to all generations of celica's.

Celica club members can add any articles you feel would be helpful to others, but please feel free to use the Sandbox, to test out any edits before applying them to articles.

Creating a page

There are a few ways to do this, 2 of the easiest are:

  • Edit the 'Main_Page' part of the URL in the address bar to the page name you want, such as My_New_Page

  • The other way is to simply enter your page name in the search box, if a page does not exist with the same name you will have the option of creating that page.

Note: When creating or editing pages please make sure you use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Celica Club UK would like to thank you for providing good, well written articles.

To start your search on finding an article - please select from:

Modifications Maintenance