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Ratboy's Alarm info - gen6 pre-facelift

Failure to disarm

The system operates on a random encryption rolling codes. This is where the code of the remote alters every time a signal is sent to the vehicles TTDS control unit. Occasionally the vehicle and handset may become out of synchronisation. When this occurs, pressing the on/off button fails to disarm the system.

Re-synchronising the system

(1) Standing within normal operating range, press and hold the on/off button for a period of 10 seconds. This should re-synchronise the handset. Pressing the on/off button a second time will flash the indicators to signal that disarming has taken place.

(2) If the system will not disarm, contact Toyota (who will do bugger all because the system isn't supported anymore!)

(3) Should the system continually fail to disarm, then the battery in the handset should be replaced. The batteries should be replaced every 9000 miles, or one year, whichever is soonest.

(Quoted from the Toyota 5000 alarm manual)

Please note that this information refers to the Toyota 5000 system; and refers to the "PRE-FACELIFT" model only; the later FACELIFT version may alter; any additions welcome!

Also from my experience;

for sudden failure of alarm; 1st replace battery in the fob, then initiate the above to re-sync.

To silence alarm in an emergency (i.e. when it's going off!); use the supplied barrel key in side of sounder (under bonnet)

Battery for fob is standard CR 2023 ? might need to edit - but isn't a 'special' battery - available from any battery supplier!

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