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Toyota use codes to identify all the models they make. They are stamped on the VIN plates.

The code is split into three parts for JDM cars and 2 parts for export (UK) cars.

1st part (JDM only)

This is a code for which emissions regulations the car conforms to in Japan. Usually E.

Middle part (1st part on UK cars)

This starts with one or two characters denoting the engine series.

Next is the chassis code. All RWD Celicas are A and FWD Celicas are T, which is then followed by a series number.

Gen1=A2, gen2=A4, gen3=A6, gen4=T16, gen5=T18, gen6=T20, gen7=T23

A further number indicates minor chassis differences. e.g. 3=4WS, 5=4WD.

A final character is used to denote LHD (L) or RHD (R) on export cars, and Convertible (C) or Widebody (H) on Japanese market cars.


A UK delivered gen7 Celica 140 has the 1ZZ-FE engine, the T23 chassis and is RHD, so the code is ZZT230R.

A JDM gen6 Celica SS-I with 4WS has the 3S-FE engine, and the T20 chassis, so the code is ST203.

A UK gen6 Celica ST has the 7A-FE engine, the T20 chassis and is RHD, so the code is AT200R.

A JDM gen5 Celica GT-Four has the 3S-GTE engine, and the T18 chassis, so the code is ST185.

Last part contains 5 or 6 letters.

1) Model type, where the chassis is used for more than one model. All Celicas are B.

2) Body style. e.g. C=Coupe, L=Liftback, K=Convertible.

3) Transmission. e.g. M=5 speed floor mounted manual, P=4 speed floor mounted automatic.

4) Trim level. e.g. S=Sports, normal performance, G=Higher grade.

5) Engine code. e.g. F=Twincam, EFI (high performance), K=Twincam, EFI (economy).

6) Export destination (blank on JDM cars). W=Europe.

There is a complete set of all these codes in the DATA section further down the page.




1.8 VVT-i Manual ZZT230R BLFGHW
1.8 VVTL-i 190, T-Sport, GT, Manual ZZT231R BLFVFW


SS-I Manual ZZT230 BLMGH
SS-I Automatic ZZT230 BLPGH
SS-I I Manual ZZT231 BLFVF
SS-I I Automatic ZZT231 BLPVF



ST, 25th LTD, SR Manual AT200R BLMSKW
GT-Four Manual ST205R BLMVZW
Cabriolet Manual ST202R BKMGFW


SS-I Manual ST202 BLMGK
SS-I Automatic ST202 BLPGK
SS-I 4WS Manual ST203 BLMGK
SS-I 4WS Automatic ST203 BLPGK
SS-I I Manual ST202 BLMVF
SS-I I Automatic ST202 BLPVF
SS-I I I Manual ST202 BLMZF
SS-I I I Automatic ST202 BLPZF
Cabriolet Automatic ST202C BKPVF
GT-Four Manual ST205 BLMVZ



GT Automatic ST182R BLPGFW
GT-Four Manual ST185R BLMVZG
Carlos Sainz Manual ST185R BLMQZG


S-R Manual ST182 BLMSK
S-R Automatic ST182 BLPSK
Z-R Manual ST182 BLMGK
Z-R Automatic ST182 BLPGK
Z-R 4WS Manual ST183 BLMGK
Z-R 4WS Automatic ST183 BLPGK
GT-R Manual ST182 BLMVF
GT-R Automatic ST182 BLPVF
GT-R 4WS Manual ST183 BLMVF
GT-R 4WS Automatic ST183 BLPVF
Convertible 4WS Manual ST183C BKMVF
Convertible 4WS Automatic ST183C BKPVF
Convertible type G 4WS Manual ST183C BKMVF(G)
GT-Four Manual ST185 BLMVZ
GT-Four A Type Manual ST185H BLMVZ



GT Automatic ST162R BLPVFW
Cabriolet Manual ST162R BKMVFW
GT-Four Manual ST165R BLMVZG



ST Coupe Manual RA61R BCMSSW
ST Coupe Automatic RA61R BCPSSW
ST Liftback Manual RA61R BLMSSW
ST Liftback Automatic RA61R BLPSSW
Celica Supra Liftback Manual MA61R BLMQFW
Celica Supra Liftback Automatic MA61R BLPQFW
XT Coupe Manual RA61R BCMMSW
XT Liftback Manual RA61R BLMMSW
XT Liftback Automatic RA61R BLPMSW



ST Coupe Manual TA40R BCMSBW
ST Liftback Manual RA40R BLMSSW
XT Liftback Manual RA40R BLMMSW
XT Liftback Automatic RA40R BLHMSW
GT Liftback Manual RA40R BLMQGW


Pre 1977 Toyota used a different system of codes.

ST Coupe 2T-B 1588cc 12/70 to 09/75 TA22R-KZ
GT Coupe 2T-G 1588cc 08/72 to 09/75 TA22R-M
ST Coupe 2T-B 1588cc 10/75 to 07/77 TA23R-MB
GT Coupe 2T-G 1588cc 10/75 to 07/77 TA23R-MQG
ST Coupe 18R 1968cc 10/75 to 07/77 RA23R-H
ST Liftback 18R 1968cc 10/75 to 07/77 RA28R-M
GT Liftback 18R-G 1968cc 10/75 to 07/77 RA28R-MQG


Model code data

1) Model type

A platform

A Carina (-1982) RAV4 Supra (after 1993)
B Celica Supra
C Celica Camry
X Cressida (seems to be a mistake made only in Australia)

E platform

E Corolla
F Trueno

S platform

A Crown

T platform

A Corona
B Celica
C Carina
T Corona

X platform

A Cressida assembled by Australian Motor Industries
D Chaser
X Cressida
Y Cresta

W platform


Z platform

H Soarer

2) Body style

C Coupe
D 2 door sedan
E 4 door sedan
G 3 door hatch
H 5 door hatch
J T bar roof, sports roof, aerocabin
K Convertible
L Liftback
P People mover
S,T Hardtop
U 4 door van without rear seats
W 4 door wagon
X Cargo wagon
Y Blind van (no side windows for cargo area)
Z 2 door wagon

3) Transmission

C 3 speed steering column mounted auto
S 4 speed steering column mounted auto
W 6 speed steering column mounted auto
Y 3 speed steering column mounted manual
J,B 4 speed steering column mounted manual
Q 5 speed steering column mounted manual
H 3 speed floor mounted auto/4 speed floor mounted auto (-1981)
G 4 speed floor mounted auto (-1981)
P 4 speed floor mounted auto (1981-)
A 5 speed floor mounted auto
T 6 speed floor mounted auto
K 4 speed floor mounted manual
M 5 speed floor mounted manual
F 6 speed floor mounted manual

4) Trim level

B Base
R Standard
D Deluxe
N Mid level (general)
M Mid level (upgrade)
Y Luxury (small car)
E Luxury (non-luxury car)
S Sports, normal performance
G Higher grade (general)
V Luxury sports
Z High performance
Q The highest grade (ultimate in luxury or performance)

5) Engine code

S Single cam, single carb or Single cam, diesel
C Single cam, single carb, emmission controls
B Single cam, dual carb
E Single cam, EFI
G Twincam, dual carb
H Hairdresser (All show, no go)
K Twincam, EFI (economy)
F Twincam, EFI (high performance)
T Single cam, Turbo
Y Twincam (economy), EFI, Turbo
Z Twincam (high performance), EFI, Turbo
R Twincam (high performance), EFI, Supercharged
X Diesel, Turbo
J Diesel, EFI, Turbo

6) Export destination (blank on JDM cars)

A USA (also Canada until mid 1981) Australia if made by Australian Motor Industries
B Australia if made by Australian Motor Industries
C Sweden (also Switzerland from 1982 onwards)
G General (sometimes also Europe)
K Canada (used 'A' until mid 1981)
M Philippines
N South Africa
Q Australia. 'A' or 'B' used if made by Australian Motor Industries.
V Saudia Arabia
W Europe

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Information taken from a variety of sources.

Special thanks to Wayne Stephenson and Matti Kalahati.