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For those of you wanting a TRD exhaust system there are a few things to note when buying one. There are three different versions of this exhaust.

1. JDM TRD Axle-back (Muffler Version S) - Available on the Sports-M Celica and has a regular sized exhaust tip. Comes in one piece with a special heat resistant coating.

2. USDM TRD Axle-back - Arguably better performance than the JDM and comes with either a regular or extended exhaust tip. Comes in two pieces with no special heat resistant coating.

3. TRD Kazuma Cat-back exhaust - It doesn't include a flange so it's not a "bolt on" like the others. It has a resonator near the tip but no muffler. As a result it's the loudest of the three.

Other points to note:

- USDM TRD and JDM TRD are a totally different design, different exits and material.

- USDM TRD has a same side exit where as JDM has a rear exit.

- USDM TRD is full stainless where as the JDM is mild steel with only a stainless steal tip cover.

- USDM TRD and the Kazuma both TRD engraved on the tip and the JDM has it on the muffler.

- All 3 versions have 2.5" piping.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the differences between the stock, JDM and USDM versions:

Stock Exhaust

JDM Exhaust (Sports-M)

USDM Exhaust

TRD Kazuma Exhaust