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You will need:

  • 1x Gen 6 Celica
  • 1x electric drill and hole cutter (or a small drill bit and lots more time)
  • 1x file, rounded preferably
  • 2x tweeters and crossovers (what better excuse than this to get those component speakers you liked the look of!)
  • 2x lengths of speaker cable

  • First remove the door triangles (the little bits of plastic on the inside of the door where the wing mirror is) this is removed by pulling the top towards you and lifting the triangle up, the L shaped plastic lugs at the bottom slot into the rubbery plastic and hold it in.
  • Then offer the tweeter up to the plastic and mark the section to drill.
  • Get a hole cutter which is about the same size as the back of the tweeter, securely clamp the triangle in a vice and drill the marked area out.
  • Test fit the tweeter and file the hole out as necessary until the tweeter fits nicely.
  • To secure it in place strong tape (gaffa) will work, but a silicone mastic will hold it more permanently.
  • You will then need to remove the door card to wire the tweeter up.
  • This is a good time to replace the stock woofer and wire the crossover in, where you place it is your choice, mine are on display in the door pockets.

Wiring: Output from the head unit to the input on the crossover, woofer output to woofer, tweeter output to tweeter.

I ran all the wires up to the tweeter and used bullet connectors on the ends so i could disconnect the triangle separately from the door card, just makes things easier.

Should look something like this: (apologies, camera phone and it was dark!)

Tweeters used 1" dome tweeter as part of the Crunch GTR component kits

click picture for full size

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