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(1) 10x Xenon White 286/T5 Wedge Base Push Fit

(2) 2x Xenon White 501 W5W

(3) 2x Green 286 / T5 wedge base push fit

(4) 2x Red 286 / T5 wedge base push fit

(5) 2x Blue 286 / T5 wedge base push fit

(6) 3x Blue 501 W5W

(7) 8X 3mm Cylindrical Ready Soldered (Blue)

(8) 20x Ultra Blue wide angle Cylindrical (flat top) 3mm

(9) 20x 1/4w 510ohm Resistor


  • Pull off trim panel surround from above steering column unplug multiplug from dimmer control (01 & 02)
  • Remove screw from dash panel x4 (03, 04 & 05)
  • Remove screw from clock assembly x4(06)
  • Wangle clocks out of dash (07)
  • Disconnect mutiplug from rear of clock assembly x3 (07)
  • Remove all bulbs from rear of clocks and replace with appropriate LEDs (08)
  • Replace indicator telltales with Green 286, Replace Door and (!) telltale with Red 286, Replace Highbeam telltale with Blue 286.
  • Replace ALL remaining EXCEPT Battery Telltale AND Fuel Level Telltale with Xenon White 286 (DONT replace Battery Telltale as this will fry your alternator and partially illuminate Oil Level and (!) Telltale, the circuit requires the resistance of the bulb to operate correctly and the LEDs dont generate the required resistance))
  • Test all bulbs work correctly
  • Refit clocks and dash panel but NOT column surround
  • Remove Ignition Ring screw and remove Ign. Ring (09)
  • Replace bulb with 286 LED (10 & 11)
  • Refit Ign. Ring, refit multiplug and column surround

N.B. the ABS, Oil Level and Foglight telltales will display a yellowish light due to the intensity of the LEDs

  • Unscrew Gear knob
  • Remove gaitor
  • Pull of gearshift surround disconnect wiring from cigarette lighter/illumination.
  • Remove 2x screw at bottom of dash trim
  • Pull dash trim out (held in by 2 clips at the top of the panel)
  • Unplug hazard switch and clock
  • Remove clock from dash panel and put safely in a nice little box
  • Remove radio cradle, unplug electrical connections and put somewhere safe (i.e. back seat)
  • Look down the back of the hole and youll see 2 cables that run into the back of the heater control panel. There are 2 tabs for each cable these need to be prised apart simultaneously and the cable pulled backwards from its current location. If you have a good look its quite easy to sus out. (12)
  • Note which cable goes where (12)
  • Now lift the cable eyes from the pins takes a little force but they do come(12)
  • Unscrew the heater control panel from its mounting and gently pull out.
  • Remove the 2 electrical plugs from rear of unit and put in the box with the clock(13)
  • Take box indoors
  • Ref: Clock Colour Change for clock modification
  • Unscrew the front facia from the heater controls and pull off the control dials
  • Gently dismantle the 2 halfs of the heater controls carefull not to tip the front facia upside down as you will loose all the buttons and gubbins from inside. Unscrew the fan speed switch from the casings and remove and unscrew the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) from the front facia.
  • Now you have it all dismantled you have the circuit board easily accessible. You will be able to see the plastic form that surrounds the LEDs if you turn the PCB over you can see the black prongs that hold it in place. Use whatever you can to remove these, Stanley blade or soldering iron but be careful not to damage the PCB.
  • After the pins have been removed it is possible to lift the surrounds off the PCB
  • Note the orientation of the LEDs. There should be a small and a large “pin” inside the LED. The small is positive and the large is

negative. The PCB is marked on the positive side with (+) symbol

  • Gently heat the rear side of the LED with a soldering iron and ensure the hole is clear from remaining solder after removing the LED, repeat for all the LEDs.
  • Now place the new LEDs in their correct orientation into the holes down to the small tab on each leg and twist the back side of the legs to prevent movement. Now solder all the legs into the PCB
  • Cut off the remaining LED leg...
  • You’re all done rebuild everything in the reverse of taking it apart and then smile at the new colours that grace your dash!

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