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How to remove the front bumper

Loads of people are always asking how you remove the front bumper on the gen6 Celicas and I said that I would do a guide the next time I removed one from one of the breakers that I have in.

Lots of people want to remove their bumpers for various reasons, whether it is to change from a prefacelift front end or to change over headlights etc...

I have done this guide using a prefacelift model Celica, but the front bumpers come off in exactly the same way whether you have a GT, ST, Facelift or Prefacelift. ( Even the GT4 is relatively the same )

Personally I always remove the wheel arch liner as it gives the greater access when it comes to removing the 3 awkward 10mm nuts that join the bumper to the wings on each side.

Tools you need for the job.

1. Ratchet and long extension bar. 2. 10mm socket 3. Phillips scew driver 4. Long nose pliers. 5. 10mm spanner 6. Axle stands 7. Car jack 8. Flat head screw driver.


Step 1. Jack up both sides of your Celica and place the car on axle stands. ( Obviously loosening the wheel nuts prior to doing this. )

Step 2. Remove both front wheels to allow easier access.

Step3. Remove wheel arch liner plastics on either side.

How to :

This consists of appx 4 x phillips screws around the outside edge of the wing. Then there are 2 x 10mm bolts on both sides of the front shock absorbers where the wheel arch plastic bolts to the inner wings.

The mud flaps need to be removed, which again are just phillips screws.

If you look all around the wheel arch liner, you will see the10mm bolts that attach it to the car and the bumper. ( About 9 x 10mm bolts altogether)


Step 4.

Remove the 10mm bolts that are attached to the front bumper under tray. You can see some of the locations on the photo below:


Once you have removed the cars protective plastics then you can actually begin to see how the bumper and wings are joined together.

Step 5.

Next you need to remove the metal edge that runs across the top edge of your bumper which has the rubber where the bonnet and bumper meet.

This consists of 4 x 10mm bolts evenly spaced along the lengh of the bar:


Next you need to remove the 2 x plastic phillips screws and poppers. There are 2 of these on the bonnet edge. ( A bit of a nightmare to remove as they always round off. I find it easier to use a pair of long nose pliers to rip them out. Replacements are very cheap and can be got from Toyota or Halfords etc..)


Step 6.

There are 4 pop studs located on the underside of the bumper just behind where the number plate sits. These 4 suds attach a metal bar to the bumper reinforcer bare that sits behind the plastic main front bumper.

These pop off easily enough using a flat head screwdriver. Once these have been removed you can remove the metal retaining bar.

Locations of studs:


Studs once removed:


Step 7.

Above both foglights there are 2 x plastic phillip screw plugs again. As I said earlier I tend to find it easier to break these off and buy new ones as they tend to round off being old worn plastic.




Undo the 10mm screws on the underside of the bumper and base of the wing. There are 3 x 10mm bolts.


Step 9.

This is the part where people tend to spend ages and end up with cut and sore hands.

There are 3 x 10mm bolts on the inside of the wing which join the wing to the front bumper. There is a metal bracket that runs up the inside edge of either side of the bumper and the bolts protrude through and join the bumper to the wing.

The easiest way to remove these is to get an extension bar and attach it to your ratchet / impact wrench and you will be able to reach the 3 bolts fairly easily. ( On the drivers side the washer bottle does get in the way slightly, but with a long enough bar you can reach it )

A lot of the times these bolts do shear off as they tend to get very rusty over the years as they are in the area of the car which gets a lot of road dirt. ( Replacement bolts should be on hand just incase )

The 2 x extension bars I use :




Step 10.

Once you have removed the removed 6 x 10mm bolts in total that secure the bumper to the wing, then it simply just a case of pulling the bumper forward and it should come off if you have followed my guide. Once you have the bumper on the floor you can remove the bulbs from the indicators and seperate the headlight washer jet pipes if you have a UK spec car.

JOB DONE - Now it is just the opposite to put it back on :lol: