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  1. A camera cannot lie.................but it may deceive. I was going to learn the dark art of hdr on my canon in the summer. Would have taken hours............. Check phone. Has a button for that. Cool! Sorted 2 seconds. Almost worth cleaning the car to try it out..................Almost.
  2. Dean 68 In Memoriam

    Well as I can be tempted that far by a bag of chips and some mushy peas I guess I am in, like I could say no. I can certainly bring an official BTR collecting bucket if someone else wants to carry it but you do have to ask for money or you just stand about like a lemon. B'stard lawyers do not suffer this affliction, but 4 hours over 2 days at JAE is about enough ta. I will do training if required tho. Cars that have travelled less then 200 miles are of course excluded from show and shine for laziness. Question. Apart from the S&S trophy this doesn't spend the money as such. We also need to think of something that will last the club for years. We have just got new pogoda marquee things , we have a Jenny hmmmmmmmmmmmmm still thinking.
  3. Dean 68 In Memoriam

    If you are not familiar with Dean's story please look in the Club Chat forum "Back in hospital" thread. As a parting gesture and typical of the man he has left the club a legacy of £1000 towards equipment, events or possibly otherwise. The money has of course come via the lovely Helen to whom I am sure The Management will defer before using it but that is the question. How can we make the very best use of this money? Suggestions please. Get creative!
  4. Night breaker ultimate blew after about 2 years Decided to go for a change to Osram Blues. I'll ;let you know how they compare............
  5. rear wheel bearing

    If you do try changing tyres avoid Pirelli for the same reason Kumhos or Falkens for mid range Eagle F1 asymmetric3s or Rainsports for premium are the most popular choices.
  6. happy birthday Mondo!

  7. Club Calendar 2018 - CANCELLED

    MINE WILL BE A BIT LATER than usual. Meant to get some proper ones done but never really happened. Can I send a preliminary one to dawn.b-pyne@hotmail.co.uk as it will be over 2 MB and I will try and do a good one whilst I am on hols during early November? Wheels and tyres not up to snuff and bods in background distracting. Must do better!!!
  8. Celica return?

    Ooooh he does indeed have insider knowledge! For those of you that enjoy his posts you will be aware of his pussy. It's a stealth computer cat from which much Mr T info can be downloaded. I'm not sure if pussy's name has been posted but I christen it with the acronym.......... Cat At Toyota For Us Celica Knowledge.
  9. Got our Halloween party on 28th - not seen you n ages so I either stink or you don't like me lol

    hope you can make it


    1. daytona


      Ya daft bugger!

      If you are holding a summer one at ACE time next year I will be up for that but working OT at weekends at the moment. New secretary on holiday . Bloody madness. I have to keep on top of it or I will fret when I am off in November.

    2. johnyboy1976


      My summer one is on 30th June next year 

  10. Selling a car... Test drives?

    Technically I can't argue that with a valuable car but most of my sales have been little better than Dublet's IE shed like. Now if I was selling BB I would be as fussy as a Dad on daughters Prom night!
  11. Selling a car... Test drives?

    I agree. I have sold dozens over the years and never had a problem. If I thought they were serious I drove first to let them listen for noises, look for smoke etc Then I would go through haggle phase. If we weren't agreed on price then no drive. If they got to drive I just said three rules, Please observe speed limits, please check mirror before testing brakes, bend it and you buy it (having checked they had a decent deposit)
  12. No MoT for 40 Year Old Cars

    Cars should be subject to MOT test Drives should be subject to IQ test
  13. 'Riced' Celicas

  14. Celica return?

    Maybe yes, maybe rose tinted spectacles. I remember the early ones as a bit angular, the later ones as fat auto's. Known as great white whales in the trade. Sports cars should be light and manual. Each generation should show advancement, which is why the Celica ended with the 190 Otherwise you end up completely f.king up a classic like the MGB, leather interior to vinyl to deckchair material, chrome bumpers to WTF were those USA regulation monstrosities stuck on the front? Recycled dustbins ffs???